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Episcopal Network for Economic Justice

The 1988 Episcopal General Convention (held in Detroit) committed the Church to a ministry of economic justice, encouraging investment in community-based economic programs. In response, diocesan committees and local congregations have supported and often initiated many kinds of community development projects, including loan funds, credit unions, worker-owned businesses and housing cooperatives. The Episcopal Network for Economic Justice was formed in 1996 to carry out the vision of the 1988 General Convention. ENEJ serves to strengthen and support those engaged in economic justice ministries and advocate for initiatives within the Episcopal Church.

ENEJ offers a publication that is helpful to congregations wishing to use their investments to promote social justice, as well as a how-to manual, popular education units, community investment booklet, issue papers, and Twenty Years Later, a review of seven national and global trends that confront people of faith concerned about economic justice.


Opportunity Resource Fund benefits Michigan communities

OppFund is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) community development financial institution serving the entire State of Michigan. It is a catalyst for positive change, be it funding affordable housing, enabling job creation, supporting small businesses, providing affordable mortgages, or funding the development of great commercial spaces. Begun as Michigan Housing Trust Fund, then the McGehee Interfaith Loan Fund, OppFund's entire team and Board of Trustees remain firmly committed to their mission, vision, and core values as they enter their third decade working for social and economic justice. 

Learn more about this Michigan non-profit at their website.